Goals guide your direction and set your sights.  God willing you will arrive somewhere in, say 5 years time.  The question is whether you want that to be a destination of choice or whether you are prepared to take your chances and see if you like it when you get there.   Having decided what you want out of life the most significant factor that determines what you will put in is desire.    Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything – Napoleon Hill.  Desire is the fuel of action and persistence. Here are 5 ways to stoke up desire.

Express your goals in emotional terms.  Emotion creates motion.  Stimulate a keen pulsating desire by getting excited about possibilities and outcomes as you achieve your goals.  Invoke your passion.

Work out why you want this goal.  As benefits are more important than features in selling, so in goal setting the why is more important than the what.  A client of mine was determined to own a property in a particularly desirable location.  Why?  We discovered that it was because he wanted the company and approval of the type of people who lived there.  That was a worthwhile discovery in many ways.

Work out who you want this for.  In 2002 Jacques Kallis was rated 4th best cricketing batsman in world.  Over 6 one-day international series he averaged 54, 42, 55, 28, 35, and 56 runs.  In 2003 Kallis’ father was terminally ill, yet urged his son to continue with plans to play for South Africa on a tour of England.  Kallis agreed to play on for his father.  In 5 innings he averaged 110 runs.  The next series he played on home soil after his father’s death in 5 innings Kallis averaged 181 runs.

I asked a group of athletes who they wanted to win for.  Several said they wanted to win for themselves or for their family.  Then one said he wanted to win for his grandfather.  As he explained why there was a shift in the atmosphere in the room.  Doing things for you is fine.  There is more emotional juice when we are doing them for others.

Align your goals with your values.  There is a positive contribution to wellbeing and self-image when you are behaving in line with your values.  For individuals values come before goals (not so organisations see http://www.is5.co.uk/blog/2012/05/29/5-ways-to-bulid-personal-resilience/).   If there is conflict between behaviours that move you towards goals and behaviours that support your values the values are likely to win out.

Set interim goals.  Success by the inch is a cinch; success by the yard is hard. Earl Nightingale said success is the sensation of moving towards a worthy goal.  Motivation is found in the healthy balance between challenge and success.  Celebrate milestones in order to keep up your energy levels.

A desire presupposes the possibility of action to achieve it; action presupposes a goal which is worth achieving.  – Ayn Rand

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