I recall as a 10 year-old my parents telling me not to spend time with Alan S.  This backfired on them in two ways. Firstly, naively, I told Alan and as a consequence my parents had to deal with a tricky conversation with his parents.  Secondly, I spent more time with Alan than I otherwise would have.  I didn’t care much for Alan’s company, but to a 10 year-old the prohibition proved to be more of an incentive than a deterrent.  With this experience I know not to try to choose my 13 year-old daughter’s friends.  There is though good guidance to give in choosing friends.

Whether it is right or fair, the company we keep reflects on us.  More importantly, the company we keep reflects in us.  So, for children and adults alike…..

Mix with ambitious people; they will show you how to focus.

Mix with upbeat people; they will energise you.

Mix with people of integrity; you will not want to let them down and they will teach you to trust others.

Mix with inquisitive people; they will engage you.

Mix with creative people; they will stimulate you.

Mix with resilient people; they will inspire you.

Avoid negative people; they will drain you.

Avoid people who drift; they will steal your time.

Surround yourself with happy faces – people who are interested in growing and enjoying – Wayne Dyer

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