We are all different.  We are a unique combination of talents, aptitudes, physical and mental capacities, experience and learned skills.  There is no person – past, living or yet to come – the same as you.  There is one resource though that every living person has exactly the same amount of as the next person – time.  We all have 168 hours a week and there is nothing any of us can do about that.  You, me, the Olympic athlete and the drunk in the gutter all have 168 hours a week – that’s it.

It has long struck me as one of God’s better jokes that the way we use the one thing we all have the same of may be what really makes the difference between what we get out of life.  Time is the most precious thing we waste.  We would not pour diamonds down the drain nor throw money on the barbeque.  Time, though, we frit away.  Many people who long for immortality do not know what to do on a wet Sunday afternoon.

You cannot save time.  There is no time bank.  You cannot stash time when you are flush nor call it down from the future when you are stretched.  There are only two choices with time – you can spend it or invest it.  Book one hour now in your calendar in the next week and invest it in you.

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